5 Must-Play Indie VR Games - Vanishing Realms

Delve into the virtual realm with these fun indie VR games.

1. Vanishing Realms

Many VR games lack diverse environments for players to explore. Which is a shame, considering how many gamers would jump at the opportunity to play a game like Skyrim in VR. Well, if you’re on of those people, you will have no trouble diving into this fun RPG VR game. Vanishing Realms is an ambitious VR game by developers Indimo Labs. With highly responsive motion controls, players will be able to explore different locales and battle against life-sized monsters, all while collecting supplies.

Vanishing Realms is a singular experience, one that will win over RPG fans and non-RPG fans alike. What makes Vanishing Realms all the more impressive is that this particular VR game was put together by a single developer. If you’re looking for a little D&D meshed with The Legend of Zelda and Skyrim, clear yourself some space and get ready for an adventure. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did! Buy Vanishing Realms on Steam!


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