5 Must-Play Indie VR Games - Raw Data

Delve into the virtual realm with these fun indie VR games.

2. Raw Data

Not too long ago, Raw Data became Steam’s very first VR bestseller. When playing through this engaging sci-fi game, you’ll quickly see why. Raw Data, by developer Servios, is a futuristic VR strategy/shooter that will quickly pull you in with its gameplay. Players are given the option to play as one of two starting heroes, Bishop the Gun Cleric, or Saija the Cyber Ninja.

After making your selection, you’ll hop to the task of infiltrating Eden Corp in order to steal enough data to bring them down. You’ll have to be careful on this particular mission, as several enemies wait for you. If you think you have what it takes to bring down Eden Corp, then purchase a copy of Raw Data and fight your way to victory. Buy Raw Data on Steam!

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