5 Games That Will Make You Say WTF - The Amazing Frog?

Taking a look at some of the weirdest indie games you can buy on Steam.

4. The Amazing Frog?

The Amazing Frog? by developer Fayju describes itself as a hardcore parkour game. In it, you roam the landscape of Swindon, SwindonShire as a frog with an array of impressive skills. Whether you’re running, driving a car, or leaping and spinning majestically through the air, The Amazing Frog? will leave you chuckling at its odd imagery. Similar in nature to Goat Simulator, the physics in The Amazing Frog? enable you to perform some impressive feats as the flatulent frog protagonist.

Things like witnessing a frog run over other frogs in a bus ,Grand Theft Auto-style, or bouncing high in the air off a trampoline while riding a pig, certainly make this game odd. Nevertheless, the fact that this game never takes itself too seriously, and the parkour misadventures you can get your frog into, help make The Amazing Frog? a delightful experience. Buy The Amazing Frog? on Steam!

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