5 Games That Will Make You Say WTF - There's Poop In My Soup

Taking a look at some of the weirdest indie games you can buy on Steam.

3. There’s Poop In My Soup

Have you ever contemplated what it would be like to poop on strangers? Well, the game ,There’s Poop in my Soup, from developer Rudder Games gives you the chance to find out. Players will control a young boy on a mission to poop on various strangers. The game allows you to do this in very unusual ways, especially considering the poop in question comes out of the boy’s face/butt combination. As you fling your fecal matter through the air, it will land in a variety of gross and humorous situations.

As you progress, things escalate with the game’s main character, revealing his uncanny ability to poop far beyond human capacity. Whether he’s spraying it like a faucet or pooping on as many people as he can, There’s Poop In My Soup is a chaotic, somewhat disgusting, but surprisingly fun game casual indie title. Furthermore, if you enjoyed the art of defecating on the game’s cartoon populace, you can continue to do so in the game’s sequel, Super Duper Party Pooper, where you can poop on party-goers. Buy There's Poop In My Soup on Steam!

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