5 Games That Will Make You Say WTF - Who's Your Daddy

Taking a look at some of the weirdest indie games you can buy on Steam.

2. Who’s Your Daddy

The joys of parenting are slightly skewed in Who’s Your Daddy by Evil Tortilla Games. This game puts you in the role of concerned father, or danger-seeking infant, in a head-to-head challenge. As the role of infant, your objective is to sneak past your father and find a way to get yourself into dangerous scenarios before he can intervene. As the father, your job is to find your mischievous infant and grab him before he can do things like cook in the oven or electrocute himself.

Serving as a weird parody of parenting, Who’s Your Daddy also boasts some hilarious graphics of an infant speeding along the floor towards an oven while his clueless father chases after him. There are various objectives you can complete as the father, like infant-proofing your house and putting toys away, and as the infant… well, there’s no shortage of dire situations you can put yourself in. Who’s Your Daddy offers a PvP aspect that delivers some seriously heated (pardon the pun) moments. Buy Who's Your Daddy on Steam!

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