5 Games That Will Make You Say WTF - My Name Is Mayo

Taking a look at some of the weirdest indie games you can buy on Steam.

1. My Name Is Mayo

We doubt you’ve ever sat down at your computer and contemplated what it would be like to repeatedly tap on a jar of mayo. However, it is an experience in Green Lava Studios' My Name is Mayo that we highly recommend trying. All you have to do in this game is click on a jar of mayo to unlock various outfits for the mayo jar (yes, you read that correctly), and story elements. As strange as it sounds, this game is actually extremely addictive. As you plink and plonk the mayo jar, you’ll explore the condiment’s bizarre sense of humor.

For example, when you unlock the mayo’s revelation that his father wanted him to be just like good old dad, your mayo jar will put on a rather impressive moustache. Continue clicking away to find out other interesting facts, unravelling the truth that even an average jar of mayo can serve as the basis for a well-rounded video game. One that is without a doubt one of the strangest on Steam, yet worth every penny of its $0.99 purchase price. Buy My Name is Mayo on Steam!


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