10 Weirdest Aliens Found in No Man's Sky

In No Man’s Sky things can get weird pretty quickly.

No Man’s Sky offers the full exploration experience, and you’ll quickly feel like the Robinson Crusoe of outer space as you sail through a gravitational sea of solar systems playing castaway on various planets you know near to nothing about. Each day and night you spend within the game are vastly different. The most intriguing aspect we’ve found in all of this? The never-ending variety of fauna. No Man’s Sky promised variety and they definitely made good on that promise.

As a result, things got extremely weird, and we’ve compiled the perfect example of this in a list of the 10 weirdest species found in No Man’s Sky so far! 

10. Bear From The Shining

At first, you’ll admire his harmless teddy bear-like appearance. Unfortunately, the moment quickly turns into nightmare fuel when he decides to turn around and charge at you with his stumpy little legs.

9. Jurassic Derp

This is what happens when every day is leg day. I mean, they are a really nice set of legs. Overall, this critter vaguely reminds us of a kangaroo on steroids. What do you think?

8. Space Ram

This guy looks super pissed. Probably due to the gigantic horn protruding from his abnormally small head. Although, it’s hard to not admire the cuteness of just how awkward this little space ram is!

7. Combo Breaker

Hey, look! It’s a dog, tiger, porcupine… thing. Honestly, we’re not quite sure what that creature is.

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