The Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies Of All Time - Nemesis

These terrifying antagonists will have you sleeping with one eye open.


In Resident Evil, normal exposure to the t-virus typically results in a mindless zombie incapable of seeing past their hunger for blood. While this worked great for mass biological warfare, try pitting your average zombie against trained special ops. It simply won’t work. Nemesis was the Umbrella Corporation's ultimate weapon against the mercenaries of STARS.

By using an advanced breed of super mutant and exposing it to a parasite that fitted him with super intelligence and mind control, Umbrella gained Nemesis. Nemesis has dealt more than his fair share of jump scares and panic induced sprints to the nearest save point. With his incredible strength, agility, intelligence and ability to adapt and overcome almost any obstacle thrown his way, Nemesis is by far one of the most terrifying monsters to enter the video game world to date.

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