The Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies Of All Time - The Witch

These terrifying antagonists will have you sleeping with one eye open.

The Witch

Imagine being caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and as you’re treading through the dark hallways of an abandoned shopping mall, you overhear the sound of a woman crying. You might be compelled to help her and if you decide to, prepare for the most frightening experience of your life. The Witch from Left 4 Dead is a special boss infected who fits in with the likes of the Tank but the difference is she won’t charge after you without provocation.

You can typically ignore her cries and proceed through the map unpenalized but the moment you shine a flashlight or shoot a gun in her direction, she’ll rise to her feet and dish out one of the most unforgiving whoopings you’ll ever receive in the game. From the moment you hear her music and sobs of grief in the distance, to the second you see her eyes glistening as she rocks back and forth in the shadows, the sheer terror the Witch sends coursing through you is one of the most memorable moments in survival horror game history.

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