The Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies Of All Time - SCP173

These terrifying antagonists will have you sleeping with one eye open.


SCP-173 is the main antagonist in the indie horror game SCP Containment Breach and although this odd-looking specimen may look harmless, don’t let this area 51 science experiment fool you. Even though SCP-173 can’t move while you’re looking in it’s immediate direction, the second you close your eyes to blink, he’ll snap your neck without hesitation.

This phenomenon is extremely aggressive, often showing up silently and attacking its victims before they have a chance to acknowledge its presence. The only telling sign of its whereabouts is the sound of cement grinding across the floor and the trail of feces and blood it leaves wherever it goes. SCP-173’s unsuspecting appearance, lightning fast movement, extremely hostile nature and primal urge to kill makes it a seriously sinister enemy that will have you searching for its silhouette in the darkness of your bedroom.

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