The Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies Of All Time - Lisa

These terrifying antagonists will have you sleeping with one eye open.


PT was the playable Silent Hills teaser that was the ingenious product of masterminds Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. Their new approach to horror inspired many while simultaneously instilling fear in the heart and souls of the many gamers who dared to play it. The setting and atmosphere were important aspects that factored into the game’s terrifying experience, but the most frightening element of all was the teaser’s antagonist Lisa.

Her presence is hardly noticeable at first. You’ll catch fast glimpses of her through a crack in the bathroom door, peering in from outside the window, glaring down at you from the top of the staircase and eerily twitching at the end of the hallway. Eventually, she’ll sporadically appear right in front you and once you get one good look at Lisa, you’ll never forget her. With her gouged out eye, bloodied nightgown, horrifying moans, and twitchy walk, Lisa is easily the scariest video game enemies of all time.


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