No Man's Sky - Science Officer's Guide To Resources

A list of all the resources in No Man’s Sky and where you can find them.

It’s important to know how to find the rarest and most valuable resources in No Man’s Sky, as resources are an important aspect of every traveler’s journey through the universe. By either crafting or selling resources, you are able to build new upgrades for your Starship, Exosuit, and Multi-Tool. Resources exist in five different states: Oxides, Isotopes, Silicates, Neutrals, and Exotics. Several different elements fall into each of these resource archetypes, and each resource has its own degree of rarity and value.

Here is our Planetary Specialist’s Guide to Chemistry and Geology, or for the layman, how to find resources in No Man’s Sky.


Oxide resources are labelled with a yellow square and white brick. These are used to charge your shielding systems, like your Exosuit’s Hazard Protection or your Starship’s Deflector Shield.

Iron - Common

Value: 13.8

Iron can be found in rock formations across all planets and is used to craft some of the basic components like the Carite Sheet, an important item needed to maintain your Starship.

Zinc - Uncommon

Value: 41.3

Zinc can be found in yellow plant life, but these yellow plants can be somewhat difficult to find. Zinc can also be purchased through traders or the Galactic Trade Network. Zinc is necessary in the creation of Antimatter, a substance used to fuel the Hyperdrive.

Titanium - Rare

Value: 61.9 Titanium is an element that can be easily found on hot planets in spiky yellow crystals or through destroying Sentinels. Titanium is used in crafting weapon upgrades.


Isotope resources are labelled with a red square and lightning bolt and can be used to charge your Starship, Multi-Tool, and the Life Support unit in your Exosuit.

Carbon - Common

Value: 6.9

Carbon is found easily on most planets as it is the basis for most life. Search for animals or trees as these will hold the most Carbon.

Thamium9 - Uncommon

Value: 20.6

Thamium9 is found in red plant life and in asteroids. Thamium9 is extremely important when first starting as it is used to charge your Pulse Engine, the engine that lets you visit neighboring planets. If you cannot find any Thamium9 in any of the plant life on your planet, head into orbit and destroy some asteroids to aid you in your journey.

Plutonium - Rare

Value: 41.3

Platinum can be found in spiky red crystal formations on the surface of planets and in cave systems. Platinum is used to fuel your Launch Thrusters.


Silicate resources are labelled with a blue square and white conical flask and are used in upgrading your gear.

Heridium - Common

Value: 27.5

Heridium can be found by looking for large cube-like rock formations with a blue or purple hue and is used in the creation of Multi-Tool components. Heridium, being a common element, can be found easily on almost every planet, if not all.

Platinum - Uncommon

Value: 55 Platinum can be found in blue plant life but is otherwise difficult to find. However, Platinum is an important element in the creation of vital system components, so if you’re struggling to find some planetside, consider purchasing Platinum from the Galactic Trade Network.

Chrysonite - Rare

Value: 82.5

Chrysonite is an extremely valuable element that can be found on planets in blue crystal formations. Chrysonite is used in numerous blueprints for your Starship, Exosuit, and Multi-Tool.


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