Rocket League Passes The 20 Million Player Mark

How the game has become one of the most popular indie titles this year.

This week, developer Psyonix took to Twitter to proudly announce that Rocket League has surpassed the 20 million player mark since its release the previous summer. In addition to the game’s expansive playerbase, Psyonix also tweeted that well over 7 million copies of the game have currently been sold across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

With Rocket League’s rampant success and vast eSports potential, Psyonix continues to add in a slew of new additions to the game. We briefly touched upon Rocket League’s upcoming Rumble Mode, however there are quite a few more goodies on their way. According to Psyonix, three new arenas will be unveiled, as well as one for the Rocket Labs playlist. 

One of these newcomers to the game is a new map called “Octagon” which is playable both online and in exhibition. The map itself is themed around virtual reality, with the arena’s wall having eight sides (true to its namesake). In addition, two new arena variants are on their way, the first of which is a version of Urban Central at dawn. The second, a stormy version of the DFH Stadium. Both variants are available for play online, offline in exhibition, and in private matches. They will also be included in Rocket League’s ranked playlists. 

Congratulations to Rocket League on your impressive milestones, we can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store!

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