5 Seriously Fun Multiplayer Games - Payday 2

These five indie multiplayer games will be impossible to stop playing.

2. Payday 2

Payday 2 is a glorious ode to both FPS shooters and heist movies. Together, you and your friends will have to work cooperatively to pull off various contracts and schemes. Keep in mind, one wrong move from just one of your friends could put the lot of you in a seriously complicated situation, so communication is absolutely key in this game. Which is why it’s such a great multiplayer!

Other games boast a requirement for collective cooperation, but in Payday 2, it’s an absolute must… otherwise, you’ll fail your mission. We're not exaggerating, Payday 2 is not a game you can tackle alone, and we definitely had trouble with our friends as we tried to get them up to speed on how to successfully complete each contract. You'll probably find yourself uttering the phrase "Don't do that!" more than once.

So, if you’re up for living a life of crime, grab some of your best buddies and give Payday 2 a try. Buy Payday 2 on Steam!

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