5 Seriously Fun Multiplayer Games - Skullgirls

These five indie multiplayer games will be impossible to stop playing.

3. Skullgirls

What do you get when you combine fun beat em’ ups with some gorgeous (and sinister) ladies? You get Skullgirls by developer LabZero Games, a 2D multiplayer fighting game set in a 1930s-esque noir background. The smooth jazz music will pull you in, and the game’s “Dark Deco” scenery is something of a novelty (unless you count the upcoming platformer Cuphead).

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro, Skullgirls is a great game to challenge your friends to, or simply play cooperatively by trading off the keyboard/controller to help each other get through the game's story campaign. Trust us, your hands will get a bit tired from doing combo after combo. In fact, you’ll be surprised at what these ladies can do, and some of their skills are even downright disturbing. We absolutely love this unique fighting game and encourage you to test it out with your friends. You’ll be trying to one-up each other in no time. Buy Skullgirls on Steam!

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