Indie Obscura's Favorite YouTube Personalities - Page 2

Here are our picks for the seven greatest YouTube Let's Players that have propelled Indie Games.

5. DashieGames

We’ll take Dashie’s penchant for swearing since it matches his enthusiasm for Nintendo and indie games. His video presence and hilarious video editing bring something new to YouTube and is often imitated but hardly replicated. He’ll have laughing until your sides ache as he tackles games such as Emily Wants To Play, Happy Wheels and more.

4. iHasCupquake

TiffyQuake and her husband Red are an adorable duo that love adventure, crafts, and playing video games. Their Husband Vs. Wife series is one of our favorites to watch here at IO and what’s even better is that Tiffy and Red love to play indie games. iHasCupquake rose to fame in part to her variety of lengthy Minecraft series’ from a few years ago, where she would play the acclaimed indie game with loads of mods.

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