The Most Badass Women In Video Games - Page 3

These badass women protagonists excel at kicking ass and taking names.

Maxine Caulfield from Life is Strange

Creative, quiet and observant introvert Maxine Caulfield from Life is Strange may not be very loud about her bravery but that doesn’t mean that she’s not a badass. She has the ability to stop and rewind time, and as her adventure continues within the Life is Strange story arch, we start to see just how courageous this 18 year old Blackwell Academy high school student truly is. Although the outcome of Max’s story relies heavily on the decisions of the player, her ability to take command of impactful situations and endure the consequences earn her a well-deserved place as one of the best playable women in video games.

April Ryan from The Longest Journey

Point and click adventure The Longest Journey stars our final heroine, April Ryan, an 18 year old that seems to be leading a pretty mundane life until she realizes she has extraordinary abilities. Adopted at a young age and taken in by a family with an abusive father impacted April in ways that she wouldn’t realize until she got older. At the age of 18, she left home to pursue her passion for art and discovered much more than just repressed memories. April Ryan has been noted as one of the most memorable woman protagonists in PC adventure games and we’d have to agree. With her magical abilities, strong-willed resilience, and relatable personality, April is easily one of the best playable lady protagonists.


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