5 Amazing Women in the Gaming Industry - Cibele

These talented ladies have made some impressive contributions to the realm of gaming. 

1. Cibele

Cibele by Star Maid Games tells the story of a young woman’s romantic affair with a young man she meets online. The two first meet through an online MMORPG called Valteria and their relationship begins to blossom as they spend more time together. Ultimately, the story leads to a real-life encounter between the two. What makes Cibele truly fascinating is uncovering all of Nina Freeman’s (the game’s designer) hidden gems as she added bits and pieces of her personal life to the game.

Nina Freeman is another up-and-coming game designer we wanted to feature who’s currently working at The Fullbright Company on the title Tacoma. She’s best known for her game, How Do You Do It, which boldly confronts a pre-teen’s curiosity surrounding sex using Barbie dolls in an attempt to understand how to “do it”. Freeman continued to challenge the status quo with her game Cibele which impacted the gaming world with its approach to themes such as self-discovery and sexuality in an online environment. Buy Cibele on Steam!


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