5 Amazing Women in the Gaming Industry - Analogue

These talented ladies have made some impressive contributions to the realm of gaming. 

2. Analogue: A Hate Story

Analogue: A Hate Story is a visual novel by Christina Love that is a continuation of Digital: A Love Story. It follows the disappearance of a ship that was launched for the sole purpose of starting the first interstellar colony, but the ship never makes it to its destination. In Analogue, we uncover the mystery behind what happened and witness the results of the ship gone rogue.

Christina Love is a visual novelist who’s perfected the art of visual storytelling. She first began her journey with Digital: A Love Story which was a free game that garnered quite a bit of attention from the industry. She then went on to work on a number of other projects such as Love and Order, Hate Plus, and our personal favorite, Analogue: A Hate Story. Love’s work centers primarily around technology, love and relationships, women and LGBTQ issues. Buy Analogue: A Hate Story on Steam

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