5 Amazing Women in the Gaming Industry - Journey

These talented ladies have made some impressive contributions to the realm of gaming. 

3. Journey

This critically acclaimed indie by ThatGameCompany is an emotionally moving adventure about one’s personal journey and the people you meet along the way. You’ll travel through an isolated desert that extends for miles with the goal of reaching a mountaintop that beckons to you off in the distance. Occasionally, you’ll cross paths with other adventurers who can choose to either join you or allow you to progress on your own as you go through the motions of discovering your true purpose.

Robin Hunicke was the producer for Journey and has an impressive resume that boasts titles such as game designer, executive producer and co-founder of Funemena. She’s worked for a variety of game companies including EA, Tiny Speck, and last but not least, ThatGameCompany. Her work surpasses just creating beautiful games when it comes to her personality as she’s an Ambassador for Women in Gaming, and a teacher whose primary focus is in game design. Buy Journey on the PlayStation Store!

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