5 Amazing Women in the Gaming Industry - Among The Sleep

These talented ladies have made some impressive contributions to the realm of gaming. 

4. Among The Sleep

Among The Sleep is a horror/adventure indie game by Krillbite Studio that allows you to explore a toddler’s home and relive some of his memories alongside his trusty teddy bear. It recreates that nostalgic feeling of nighttime when you were a child with an overactive imagination, and allows you to explore from the first-person view of a toddler a dark and creepy atmosphere that will absolutely give you the chills.

Among The Sleep features not one but three women on its development team that includes programmer Alexandra Skimmeland, and artists Karoline Aske and Tina Alfredsen. Krillbrite is an indie studio based out of Norway that has worked on titles such as The Plan and Mosaic, with Among The Sleep receiving numerous awards in regards to its artwork and overall gameplay. A testament to the skill these three women poured into the game, we especially loved the art ourselves, finding it very reminiscent of our own childhood. Buy Among The Sleep on Steam!

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