RunGunJumpGun Beginner's Guide

How to not lose your mind in ThirtyThree’s difficult indie platformer.

RunGunJumpGun, the challenging sci-platformer from developer ThirtyThree, prides itself on being extremely challenging. Although the controls for the game have been stripped down, the gameplay itself is punishing and ramps up in difficulty the farther you progress. Thankfully, there are a few methods beginners can use to make it through each level without losing your mind and your patience.

Below, we’ve outlined a few helpful tips to get you started in the world of RunGunJumpGun, and hopefully we spare your keyboard from a furious smashing out of frustration.

RunGunJumpGun Controls

There are only two buttons to concern yourself with in RunGunJumpGun, R-Shift and L-Shift. You may be thinking to yourself, how can a game with only two buttons be difficult? The answer to that is in the balance between the two keys. L-Shift is used to transform your giant gun into a jetpack, propelling you through RunGunJumpGun’s perilous levels. R-Shift is used to shoot your gun and take out various different obstacles and hazards.

Unfortunately, you cannot use both buttons at the same time. To counteract this, ignore the tip that says “don’t tap” the shift key when it comes to flying. While it's not necessarily wrong, it is a bit of clever misdirection. The reason behind this is that if you hold the key down without releasing, you’ll fly directly up to the ceiling and smack into something that will bring about your demise and zoom you right back to the start.

Think of Flappy Bird, and fly yourself gently through each level without touching the hazards that surround you. If there’s an obstacle you’re forced to shoot through, be quick about it, because you don’t want to plummet to the ground and die. You also don’t want to be stuck against the obstacle because the invisible wall moving behind you will catch up with you… and you’ll die.

The Goal of RunGunJumpGun

The goal of RunGunJumpGun is to explore through space collecting minerals called “Atomiks” which float through each level. You need to collect a certain amount of Atomiks to progress forward, but the key thing to remember is that you do not need to collect all of them. If you’re a perfectionist, you can certainly focus your efforts on snagging each and every Atomik, but if you’re simply looking to grab a few and complete a level you’re allowed to pass some of them by. As the saying goes... let it go. 

Atomiks can sometimes be helpful, as some are placed in a way that sort of “show you the way” when it comes to navigating through a level. Others are located in tricky spots meant to present you with a challenge. Overall, collect as many as you can, but don’t rip your hair out if there’s one you keep missing.

Final Tips and Tricks

Did you know that you can skip levels in RunGunJumpGun? You will need to complete a certain amount to progress forward, but if you’ve been stuck on the same level for what feels like an eternity, sometimes skipping through and coming back to it later is the best idea. Your brain has this wonderful way of sorting through problems, which is often why you may wake up in the morning having figured out a problem in a game that has had you stumped throughout the previous day.

While you’re actively completing other levels, your brain will be there in the background trying to piece together how to complete the level you just skipped. That, and there are some levels that are just plain mean. The skip option allows you to breathe and explore new territories without being hung up on the same one.

Next tip will sound a little strange... sometimes if the direction is down, the best way to get there is to quickly tap and “jump” down rather than trying to fly and flap your way through.

You will need to get your timing just right to perfect this, but if you try to fly rather than let yourself “fall,” you’ll end up smacking into an obstacle. In addition, you don’t always have to use your gun. There are ways to sneak between obstacles, and some players have stated that using this method is the easiest way to get around on brutal levels like the ones that feature buzz saws.

Overall, collect as many Atomiks as you can and pass through as many levels as you can, but don’t overthink it. The more you tense up and overthink it, the worse you’ll do! 

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