Extraordinary Gamers: 8-Bit Salute

How playing video games can help support our troops and veterans.

This week in our Extraordinary Gamers series we’re highlighting the folks that lead 8-Bit Salute. 8-Bit Salute is an event that honors our troops by raising awareness and providing year-round fundraising for a variety of veteran support programs that fall under Operation Supply Drop.

Operation Supply Drop (OSD) includes an array of programs that assist troops and their families by providing outlets that revolve around having fun and playing games. Programs include care packages filled with video games and entertainment, eSports events that give soldiers and their families a place to game competitively, and a video game distribution platform that sends all of the latest games to military personnel and veterans.

8-bit Salute is on its fifth year in operation, with each year bringing more success than the last. They not only focus on raising funds so troops can take it easy once in awhile and catch up on some games, but through OSD, they can build and provide a network for troops and veterans to combat issues such as unemployment, depression, PTSD, suicide and homelessness.

This year, 8-Bit Salute has successfully raised $99,877 to date with their ultimate goal being $250,000. People can choose to donate using their name, or can opt out and donate anonymously. The latest donations can be seen on the official 8-Bit Salute website and range from $1 to as high as $10,000, sending the message that no donation is too big or too small.

If you would like to participate in 8-Bit Salute, you can do so in a number of ways. Options range from enlisting to a pre-existing team, nominating a veteran, or simply through fundraising and donating to the cause. If you’re military personnel, the option to request a Supply Drop can be found directly on the website. If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest news involving gaming, be sure to add the Respawn series by Erik Johnson to your RSS feed.

8-Bit Salute continues to do a world of good by utilizing the power of gaming in order to support our troops and veterans in ways that many have been unable to do through more traditional methods. It’s heartwarming to know that with four months remaining this year, that they have been able to raise close to $100,000. That money goes toward improving the lives of troops, veterans and their families from all over the world, and shows just how powerful the gaming community can be.

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