6 Indie Game Moments That Made Us Cry - Life is Strange

These six moments really tugged at our heartstrings.

1. Life Is Strange - Everything

We’ll be honest here, Life is Strange includes sad moments in just about every episode. It seems like each game’s ending is put in place to make you cry, especially when it comes to the tragic life of Chloe. In the opening episodes, you will have to save Kate from jumping off the roof and killing herself after being relentlessly bullied. She ends up thanking you, and appreciates you being there and a friend to her.

Next, you learn of Chloe’s tragic life. After Max left, Chloe was alone and found friendship in Rachel Amber. Yet when Rachel disappeared, Chloe was left alone once more. Chloe’s reckless behavior throughout the game is later tracked back to the death of her father. Wanting to save Chloe’s father, Max is able to change the timeline and prevent his death. However, this creates a butterfly effect that subsequently leaves Chloe paralyzed and in terrible shape.

Not wanting to be a burden on her parents, she asks Max to kill her. The ending is the saddest part, where you can either choose to sacrifice Chloe and save Arcadia Bay, or save Chloe at the expense of the townspeople of Arcadia Bay. To be honest, we chose Chloe, yet we didn’t exactly feel good about it when looking at the destruction of Arcadia Bay. Life is Strange is one of those games where you end up feeling so attached to the world it creates, that each tragic event really ends up knocking the wind out of you.


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