2016 IO Indies: Best Story - Winner

Find out which nominee won the category for best indie game story.


The story of Firewatch is one that is filled with incredible depth and maturity. The dialogue options and story breath a definitive life into the game, and transform it into something truly special.

Embodying protagonist Henry, players will slowly uncover his motivations for taking the job at the Shoshone National Forest fire lookout. In addition, they'll also unravel the mystery behind Delilah, who converses with Henry throughout the game, and other characters he encounters.

The game opens beautifully with a narrative about Henry's life with his wife, who later develops early-onset dementia. The signs of Henry's grief are subtle, residing just beneath the surface waiting to be uncovered. The characters within the game each serve their own purpose, as does the setting and situation Henry finds himself in.

Everything comes full circle at the end, with players each taking something different away from their time spent wandering the picturesque Shoshone National Forest. 

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