7 Games to Scratch Your No Man's Sky Itch - Starbound

Seven games that will help scratch your sci-fi exploration itch.

2. Starbound

Starbound has been a hugely successful game from the developer and publisher, Chucklefish Games. Chucklefish Games have an impressive track record of publishing outstanding games such as Risk of Rain and Stardew Valley. Starbound, however, is a game with a similar style to Terraria, which is most easily likened to a side-scrolling MineCraft. Players begin Starbound in a ship with a simple task: go down to a planet and begin gathering the resources necessary to fix your ship.

Much like No Man’s Sky, after fixing your ship the game opens up, allowing you to travel to the planets within a solar system. Each planet is notably different to the last, from the weather and landscape, to the color of the environment and the lifeforms found therein. Aside from exploring, collecting, and crafting, Starbound includes several other gameplay elements that lift the overall experience. Players are able to engage in platforming puzzles, dungeon crawling to gain more powerful loot, and even major boss fights.

Everything you do, everywhere you go, all the things you collect, craft, and use have a purpose and a direct effect on how you experience Starbound. Unlike the other entrants on this list, Starbound operates in two dimensions, so if you’re looking for a game with similar promised features of No Man’s Sky but dislike the 3D world, Starbound is a game you must add to your collection.

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