Developer Talks: Transport Fever's Stephan Schweizer

We chat it up with the Urban Games crew about their upcoming game Transport Fever.

During our time at PAX West, we decided to pay the developers of Transport Fever a visit. These folks go by the name of Urban Games and are a group of 9 young and talented devs from Switzerland whom are currently preparing for the launch of their new game. Transport Fever is an upcoming sequel to Train Fever, bringing a more enterprising approach to the railroad tycoon style management simulation game. We decided to inquire about what we can expect from the upcoming title and how the developer’s found such a profound community for this unique indie game.

Transport fever provides endless procedurally generated gameplay along with a European and North American campaign mode. The developers also assure that there will be extensive modding support through the Steam Workshop which will include the ability for players to create their own transportation, structures and maps.

Transport Fever will be releasing to the public this Fall. Be sure to pay a visit to the Transport Fever official website as they are always updating it with their progress in the development process.

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