Get Bundles for the WZ-111 and T14 in the Premium Shop

Pick up these heavy tank bundles all week long.

It's Heavy Tank Week in World of Tanks, which means players can enjoy discounted bundles for the WZ-111 and T14 heavy tanks in the Premium Shop all week long. The WZ-111 bundles include standard, Fully Loaded, and Ultimate packages, while the T14 bundles include standard and Fully Loaded packages only. These Premium bundles come with additional Garage Slots and Equipment to sweeten the deal, and will be available in the Premium Shop from now until October 3rd, ending at 4:20 PT / 7:20 ET. 

Along with these bundles, there are several Heavy Tank Daily Missions available for players who are ready to battle in their favorite heavies. These missions include a Heavy Tank Solo Daily, a Heavy Tank Platoon Daily, a Full Daily, and additional missions to destroy two heavy tanks and achieve the daily four times. Look for these and other new missions by clicking on the Missions tab, just above your list of Crew in the Garage interface. 

For those who don’t have the extra funds to purchase these bundles, there are special Tank Rental Missions available as well. These rental missions simply require earning a certain amount of XP while using a tank in Tier 5 or higher across any number of battles. Earning 20,000 XP unlocks a 24-hour rental of the T14, while earning 45,000 XP grants a 24-hour rental of the WZ-111.

Aside from heavy tanks being in the spotlight this week, all players can enjoy a triple XP weekend, where x3 XP is awarded for achieving the First Victory of the Day. Make sure to use one of your top tanks during this time to ensure you maximize your XP gain. The triple XP bonus will be available from September 23rd - 26th

The WZ-111 is a hefty Chinese Tier 8 heavy tank that boasts thick armor on its front side as well as its turret. If you’re looking for a lower tier heavy, then the T14 is a Tier 5 American heavy tank that may be the choice for you. Let us know what you think of these Premium heavy tanks!



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