Ark Survival Evolved: How To Level Up Fast

Utilize these simple tips in Ark to quickly level up your new survivor. 

Starting fresh in ARK can be aggravating and tiresome, especially when you're aiming to level up your new survivor fast. That's why we've put together this simple guide with techniques proven to accelerate your EXP gain and help you reach the more entertaining and advanced gameplay within the world of Ark Survival Evolved.

Collecting Resources

As you find yourself washed up on the shores of ARK, the first thing you should do is collect some resources. These will come in handy when you start crafting and is one of the simplest ways to gain some easy levels. As you begin collecting resources, take a look at your experience bar. You’ll notice that your survivor gains EXP by engaging in simple actions such as exploring and collecting items such as berries, stones, thatch, wood and even dinosaur poop.

Joining A Tribe

Joining a tribe should be one of the first things you do after getting acclimated to the world of Ark Survival Evolved. Many experienced players recommend it as one the best ways to level up faster, as well as a great way to boost the fun factor of the game. Start by Initiating or finding a tribe to join, and as you engage in group activities with members, you’ll immediately notice that you and your fellow survivors will start to gain EXP.

Taming Dinosaurs

In ARK, one of the most fulfilling activities is taming a dinosaur. It’s immensely rewarding, not only because it increases your chances of survival, but it also rewards you with a generous amount of experience. The amount of EXP gained from taming a dinosaur depends on two factors. The first is the type of dinosaur and the second is its level. Big dinosaurs like the Rex, Spino, Bronto and Mammoth will give you far more EXP at level 1 than, for instance, a level 40 Dodo.


This is when all that resource collecting will come into play. It’s true that crafting items generally awards you with experience points but if you’re looking to level up fast, you’ll want to shift your focus to crafting low-cost items that have a high reward. Some examples of some entry level items that fit the previous description would be the cloth hat and cooking pot. Utilize this tactic while crafting with your tribe members and expect to see a considerate surge in EXP.


Once you’ve exhausted the previous steps, you should be at a level where hunting dinosaurs is much safer, although hunting Dodos at a low level has proven to be both beneficial and safe. Once at a higher level, the same frame of mind that comes with taming dinosaurs can be applied to hunting dinosaurs. Consider the type of dinosaur and its level but be wary of taking on dinosaurs that will overwhelm you. Hunting is much safer done in a group or with a moderately leveled, tamed dinosaur by your side.

We wish you luck on your adventures! Be sure to implement each and every one of these tactics in order to quickly level up your new survivor, and enjoy all the advanced gameplay that the world of Ark has to offer.

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