Star Citizen's Single-Player Campaign Delayed Into 2017

A specific release date still hasn’t been nailed down for Star Citizen.

During a recent Star Citizen livestream, developer Cloud Imperium Games confirmed they are delaying the Squadron 42 single-player campaign portion of the ambitious space sim, citing the need for additional development and demoing time as the cause for the delay. After announcing the delay, CIG studio head Chris Roberts got a little more specific, saying that many of Squadron 42’s 28-story chapters are still in the preliminary stages of development and testing.

Originally, CIG had hoped to get Squadron 42 out the door by the end of 2016, but as the months passed by, this began to look less and less likely. While the delay into 2017 was disappointing for the many Star Citizen fans who have shown saintly levels of patience over the years following the game’s announcement, it was also somewhat unsurprising considering how rough Squadron 42 looked in the livestream with only three months left in 2016.

This is just the latest in a long series of delays that have affected Star Citizen over the years. The game was originally supposed to launch sometime in 2014, but the sheer success of its crowdfunding campaign led to a major expansion of the game’s scope.

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