Best Shadow Warrior 2 Screenshots

There’s plenty to admire in these Shadow Warrior 2 screenshots.

Shadow Warrior 2 has nailed the ability to provide hours of entertainment, while delivering some good laughs and some pretty stunning visuals. Players have not been shy about sharing some of their best in-game moments and since Shadow Warrior 2 comes with a photo-mode, players can take some pretty stunning in-game screenshots. This has resulted in many amazing high-resolution pictures that truly capture the essence of Shadow Warrior 2. Here are some of our favorite screenshots we’ve come across so far.

Seems like Shadow Warrior 2 is doing a great job with keeping up with the times. We will never forget you, Harambe.

Many players seem to believe that Lo Wang's car is supposed to closely resemble a Nissan Fairlady Z. What do you think? This stunning screenshot comes from Steam user Panto.

We’ve already covered this in our favorite Wangs article, but a phallic shaped constellation is just too good to pass up.

One of the first missions you'll take on is in Orochi Zilla's dystopian-esque cybernetic city. You might not have time to admire it, since it's crawling with tons of enemies. So here's a picture. This lovely screenshot comes from Steam user L1netty.

The fortune cookies in Shadow Warrior 2 are one of my favorite things. If they aren't delivering famous quotes from renowned poets, philosophers, and historical figures, they are giving you some of the best insight you've ever received in your life.



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