Shadow Warrior 2: All Easter Eggs

A look at some of our favorite Shadow Warrior 2 Easter Eggs. 

Shadow Warrior 2 has been out for almost a week, and already gamers are finding Easter Eggs in abundance. We've already covered how to unlock the Bunny Lord in Shadow Warrior 2, and all of the secrets hidden in Shadow Warrior 2's Wang Cave. Now, we've decided to share all of the cool Easter Eggs we've found as well as a few community Easter Eggs as well. 

Note: We will be doing a weapons-specific Easter Egg feature later this week, as there are so many awesome Easter Eggs in Shadow Warrior 2 tied to its weapons! 

Without further ado, here are all of our favorite Shadow Warrior 2 Easter Eggs. 

Our favorite weapons dealer Larry sports a jacket with developer Flying Wild Hog's logo. 

Covered in our Wang Cave secrets guide, in the basement of the Wang Cave resides a secret developer room. There, you'll find a group photo of the Flying Wild Hog development team in front of a snazzy Devolver couch. 

"DF is real..." is one fo the first Easter Eggs I found in Shadow Warrior 2. Inside a cave in the Hot Blooded mission resides several large smiley faces and graffiti on the wall which reads "DF is real..." 

Found this cute little painting of the Devolver game Enter the Gungeon hidden inside an alley while running The Cookery mission.

Covered in our Shadow Warrior 2 guide on how to spawn a Bunny Lord, this mean little critter really wanted to bite my face off!

A giant bomb, and a washing machine lurking in the corner. 

Shadow Warrior's sprites make a glorious comeback! 

I've found more than one, how many sprites have you found in Shadow Warrior 2? 

The elusive Titsubishi, also found in the original Shadow Warrior. While it may not be the best Easter Egg on this list, as a female Mitsubishi owner, it made me laugh way harder than I probably should have. 

While this binary wall may not hide any secrets, it does contain a hidden message. When the binary is translated to text it reads: "Greetings from Warsaw." 

Previously shared in our list of favorite Wangs, here you can see the stars in the night sky coming together to form the perfect... Wang. 

Harry Potter fans will appreciate this hidden Easter Egg courtesy of Reddit user Mrtnwlkr.

There's even a wand and bowl!

Breaking Bad fans will appreciate this mission named after the infamous Heisenberg. "Jesse, it's time to cook!" 

Here's a screenshot of a secret Minecraft room in Shadow Warrior 2 originally shared by Gameranx

Check out this cool Shadow Warrior 2 Pokeball courtesy of Gamespur!

In Shadow Warrior 2, you'll find a lot of references to other Devolver games and Alienware. This Shadow Warrior 2 Easter Egg combines the two, showcasing one of Devolver's new games, Mother Russia Bleeds, on a sleek Alienware laptop. 

Be sure to check back for our Shadow Warrior 2 feature on weapon Easter Eggs. Which Shadow Warrior 2 Easter Eggs have you found? Share your images in the comments below! 

For more on Shadow Warrior 2 here at Indie Obscura, be sure to check out our Shadow Warrior 2 Wang Cave secrets guide which includes info on how to find the secret developer room, learn how to spawn a Bunny Lord in Shadow Warrior 2, and peruse the best setups to slice and dice your way to victory in our Shadow Warrior 2 weapons guide

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