New Obduction Patch Adds VR Support

Oculus Rift owners can now immerse themselves in Obduction’s stunning alien landscapes.

Obduction is the latest game offering from developer Cyan Worlds, who are known for their previous titles Myst and Riven. While Obduction has been out in the indie game market since August, it recently received a substantial patch adding in VR support for the Oculus Rift, among other things.

In Obduction, players are able to explore a gorgeous alien landscape full of mysteries and puzzles, which they’ll have to piece together in order to find their way back home. Similar in nature to the gameplay of Myst and Riven, players move between puzzles all while taking in the breathtaking visuals around them.

Oculus Rift owners should jump at the opportunity to explore Obduction in VR, as the game offers something of a unique experience. This is because, in addition to adding VR support, Obduction now supports HDR. NVIDIA recently provided Cyan with a sample code for HDR, and they have responded by customizing the code specifically for Obduction. Not only will Obduction have HDR, it will also include NVIDIA Ansel which enables players the opportunity to take and compose in-game screenshots from any position.

Other items added in the patch are as follows:

  • Improvements to loading zones.
  • Fixes for license plates at different graphics settings/resolutions.
  • Better support for gamepad in photo viewer.
  • Fix for language changes not saving correctly under certain conditions.
  • Fix for “Load” text not fitting in the text area on the load screen for multiple languages.
  • Increased scale of the surrounding box to allow for longer words to be shown.
  • Fix for Delete and Copy dialogs not being localized correctly in Save Game Menu.
  • Misc fixes for localization issues.
  • Can now traverse through photo albums with keys.
  • More nodes, node fixes, etc.
  • Auto Detect graphics on Startup.
  • Fix for View Distance Quality settings.
  • Fixes for issues with entering and exiting the mine cart in both free roam and point-n-click.
  • Gamepad input adjustments.
  • Adjusted volume levels on some levers and doors in Hunrath test.

If you have yet to experience Obduction, you can purchase the game for $29.99 on Steam.

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