Free-Roam Mode Now Available In All Versions of Firewatch

PS4 and PC players can now roam to their heart’s content.

Firewatch developer Campo Santo has announced that the game’s bonus free-roam mode is now available for the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game following a period of Xbox One exclusivity.

Free-roam is an optional mode which is unlocked once a player completes Firewatch’s standard story mode. In free-roam, players can wander around without having to complete objectives, allowing them to enjoy the game’s full 24-hour dynamic day/night cycle and miles of explorable terrain at their own leisure.

The free-roam feature was first included as part of Firewatch’s Xbox One version which launched several months after the PlayStation 4 and PC versions and has finally been added into the PS4 and PC versions via a free update. Once you complete a standard story mode playthrough of Firewatch, you’ll find the free-roam option in the “Special Features” section of the main menu.

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