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Check out the hard work and dedication of these amazing indie game cosplayers.

Deponia: Goal

Check out this elegant cosplay of Goal from Deponia! Done by DeviantArt user straychild77, she fits the style and nature of Deponia’s beloved Goal perfectly! Furthermore, she also makes a killer Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins. If you haven't played any of the Deponia games, you can purchase the first game over on Steam

DotA 2: Windrunner

We'll be perfectly honest here... there are a lot of sexy DotA 2 cosplayers to sift through and we had a hard time choosing just one for this list. However, when we happened upon DeviantArt user bohemophile and her rapturous Windrunner cosplay, we fell in love.

Not only is she lovely, but she nails the colors and aesthetic of Windrunner perfectly. It's not just that she looks beautiful here, but the dedication she put into her Windrunner cosplay is sincerely mind-blowing. DotA 2 is free-to-play on Steam, so be sure to check it out! 


Again, we had a really hard time trying to pick just one Undertale cosplay to go with so we'll be showing you more than one. First, is this Toriel cosplay not the best thing you've ever seen? For us, it certainly is! Created by DeviantArt user Arorea, her account features several photos of this badass Toriel cosplay. We honestly can't fathom how many hours it must have taken this cosplayer to complete this... and we tip our hats to her for sure! 

Undertale: Asriel

Next, we have this gorgeous Asriel cosplay from DeviantArt user Staris10. We think her makeup is flawless, the posing and framing of the photo is great, and we love the flowers in the backdrop. This cosplay and photo just screams "Undertale" to us and we couldn't be happier to share it with you guys! 

UndertaleMettaton Ex

Last Undertale cosplay, we promise. Here, we have DeviantArt user AngelAngelyss as the impressive Mettaton Ex! There are a couple pretty sweet photos of this cosplay in full on her DeviantArt page, so we highly recommend browsing through! Finally, if you haven't purchased Undertale yet, be sure to grab the game over on Steam

Header Image: Valkyria Creations

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