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Check out the hard work and dedication of these amazing indie game cosplayers.

Darkest Dungeon - Cultist Acolyte

This wicked, and intriguing cosplay was created by Cosplayer Avianna and boy is it sinister! We love how grim Darkest Dungeon is, and Avianna's cosplay fully encapsulates how it feels to play Darkest Dungeon. We're impressed (and slightly frightened)!

Also, she's done a cosplay of Max from Life is Strange and Wendy from Don't Starve. If you haven't experienced the frightening game Darkest Dungeon, be sure to grab it over on Steam

We Happy Few - NPC

Check out these two cosplayers and their impeccable makeup for the upcoming indie game We Happy Few! Have you taken your Joy? Well, don't run into these two unless you have! This photo comes courtesy of DeviantArt user LaynesLionRedCat who has taken quite a few cute cosplay photos for We Happy Few with fellow cosplayer lavaxor. If you're interested in playing We Happy Few, it's currently in Early Access over on Steam

Blade Kitten: Kit Ballard

We decided to throw an indie PSN game in here that you may not have heard of before. Here we have DeviantArt user beethy as the game's main protagonist, Kit Ballard. On a side note, we recommend browsing through her portfolio with caution, as some of the cosplay photos in there are NSFW.

Either way, we feel like beethy did an awesome job recreating this indie game character, and it's always nice to discover a game we weren't altogether too familiar with while browsing through impressive cosplay creations! You can buy Blade Kitten over on Steam and let us know what you think!

Portal 2: Chell

There are quite a few impressive Chell cosplays to be found online, though we really liked the entire setup that this one in particular had going for it. This cosplay was created by DeviantArt user xSoulxxxReaperx who has a pretty spectacular lineup of video game cosplay outfits in her portfolio including Little Sister from BioShock! If you haven't purchased Portal, we recommend starting with the first game which you can buy over on Steam!

Journey: Traveler

You know you love the video game Journey when you not only have one of the coolest Traveler cosplays around... but you take it out into the middle of a hot desert in Egypt for extra added effect. This Journey cosplay comes from DeviantArt user AngelaBermudez, and if that image is not enough to impress you she has several more including this one, and this one.

In addition, she makes a pretty good Chell, and while not game-related, a seriously stunning Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you haven't experienced Journey, you can buy it on the PlayStation Store, and be sure to check out this extra picture of a cat cosplaying Journey's Traveler because hey... why not?    

Hotline Miami: Jacket

And last, but certainly not least, we have this hilarious (and accurate) cosplay of Jacket from Hotline Miami! Put together by DeviantArt user PettieTheMedic, the description for the image states that this was his first attempt at cosplay. For a first attempt, we have to say... it's pretty darn good! Haven't played Hotline Miami? No worries, you can purchase Hotline Miami on Steam for a fair $10. 


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