Genital Jousting Goes Into Early Access

Hysterically fun and wildly inappropriate game Genital Jousting penetrates its way into Early Access.

This game is NSFW. We recommend that you do not continue or purchase/play this game if it makes you uncomfortable.

Genital Jousting, a game that walked away with the award for Best Dick Game of 2016 at E3, is at long last in Early Access on Steam. You can now purchase the game for only $4.99 and uncomfortably penetrate your loved ones with a brightly colored member. If this sounds like something you would enjoy and you’ve yet to hear about this gem of a game then you, my friend, are in for a real treat.

Genital Jousting is an NSFW game all about taking control of a super flaccid and wiggly penis conveniently equipped with an anus. Play online or in close quarters local multiplayer with up to 8 of your friends, where you can dress up your squiggly members, and indulge in a mildly uncomfortable (or wildly uncomfortable) experience. Players can choose between Traditional Mode which allows players to joust and penetrate one another, or Party mode which features over 10 inappropriate challenges that include the likes of Weiner Round Up and Obstacle Intercourse.

Genital Jousting began as an experimental multiplayer game developed by a group called Free Lives (also responsible for the patriotic run-and-gun title Broforce) that eventually graduated into something more after receiving such a profound response at events. Currently, the game is planned to launch in early 2017 but this is subject to change depending on the feedback received during its time in Early Access. Participate in the development of this game by visiting the official Genital Jousting website and checking out Genital Jousting on Steam.

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