Candleman Lights up the Xbox One in February

Game jam success, Candleman, gets an exclusive Xbox One release in February.

Candleman is a dazzling puzzle platformer that features an adorable little candle with a very short wick. Players will be challenged to guide their waxy friend through dim and perilous levels, lighting other candles with his short-lived flame along the way. Each level is designed to increase in difficulty, possessing unique themes and varying obstacles.

The more you use the Candleman, the smaller and more nimble he becomes. While this may seem favorable, it’ll quickly make you forget about how fast his light goes out. If you and your small candle buddy get caught in darkness, it’s sure to leave him susceptible to all the dangers that await in the dark.

"Candleman represents a concept that anyone can understand—seeking light in darkness—and creates an intriguing platformer around that core idea. The simplicity of the game combined with the intrigue of Candleman’s story and the worlds he must travel through are what distinguish the experience.” 

- ManQiao Wang

The story of how Candleman came to be is a rather inspirational one. It began at the Lundam Dare game jam where developers were challenged to create a game with the theme “10 seconds of light." The creator, Gao Ming, came up with the concept of Candleman and went on to win several awards, as well as support from the likes of Kongregate and ID@XBOX.

Spotlightor Interactive is a two person indie game studio hailing from Beijing, China. Their mission? To make lasting impressions with their immersive, innovative and exceptional games. Now, this artistic and suspenseful indie is just a few weeks away from release. If you wish to support them, look out for Candleman which will be available exclusively for the Xbox One starting February 1st for $14.99.

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