World of Warships' Battleships Get a Weekend Spotlight

Enjoy discounts, missions, and special bundle deals.

If you were planning on playing some World of Warships this upcoming weekend, you’d do well to set sail with your favorite battleship (or at least keep a sharp eye out for enemy battleships).

As part of a special weekend event which begins today and lasts until January 23rd, Wargaming is putting battleships front and center along with a number of special credit discounts for various tiers of battleships and Premium Shop bundle deals for the Warspite. First, if you’ve got some credits to burn, all tier III-V battleships have had their credit prices reduced by 50 percent, while all tier VI-VII battleships have received a 30 percent credit discount.

If you’re looking to add the Warspite Premium ship to your port, the following bundles are now available:

Warspite Basic - $30.99

  • Warspite Premium Ship
  • Bonus Port Slot

Warspite Fully Loaded - $44.99 (Limit One Per Account)

  • Warspite Premium Ship
  • Bonus Port Slot
  • Propulsion Mod
  • Main Battery Mod
  • Steering Gears Mod
  • Main Armaments Mod
  • Seven Days of Premium Time
  • 1,500 Doubloons
  • 2,500,000 Credits

Warspite Ultimate - $59.99 (Limit One Per Account)

  • Warspite Premium Ship
  • Bonus Port Slot
  • All Mods From The Fully Loaded Bundle
  • 30 Days of Premium Time
  • 4,000 Doubloons
  • 7,500,000 Credits

A $9.99 Weekend Captain’s Pass is also available. The pass includes three days of Premium time and 1,500 doubloons.

Lastly, there’s a new series of missions which allow players to show off their battleship skills or hunt down other battleship players:

Battleship Resolution I (Once Per Account)

  • Earn five Sierra Mike, Charlie, Yankee, and Juliet Yankee Bisso Two signal flags by destroying five ships over any number of battles while using a tier IV or higher battleship.

Battleship Resolution II (Repeatable)

  • Earn 25,000 credits by being in the top three XP earners on your team in a random battle while using a tier IV or higher battleship.

Resolution Hunter (Repeatable)

  • Earn 500 XP by destroying at least one battleship in a random battle while using any tier IV or higher ship.

If you’re looking for even more reasons to play World of Warships this weekend, you might be interested to hear that the game’s 0.6.0 update recently went live as well.



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