Most Shocking Video Game Moments

From the frightening, to the traumatic, to the downright strange, these shocking game moments are forever embedded within our minds.

There are moments in indie games we simply cannot forget, either because they surprised and shocked us, or because of the weight they hold in relation to the story.

While many shocking moments are born from horror games, there are a few exceptions to the rule. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most shocking indie game moments across all genres.

Note: Because we’re talking about climactic moments, a spoiler warning is in full effect. If you haven’t played the game, be sure to skip over it! 

White Phosphorous - Spec Ops: The Line

War is packed with difficult decisions. While we’ve seen war's gruesome aftermath in other shooters, few match the punch in the gut delivered by White Phosphorous in Spec Ops: The Line. The scene has become controversial for a number of reasons, notably because the player isn’t exactly given a choice on the matter.

Forced to use the infamous white phosphorous (a substance you've been warned about), shock quickly turns to outright horror as you slowly walk through a battlefield of charred bodies. At the end, Spec Ops lingers for a few extra moments on the unsettling image of Walker staring at a dead mother cradling her child. Regardless of how you feel about Spec Ops, it’s a game full of thought-provoking imagery which lingers with you long after its haunting conclusion


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