This game lets you be a horrible goose, it's great

Metal Goose Solid.

There’s a new indie game in the garden this morning, and it’s a goose causing havoc with a gardener.

The as-yet-untitled goose game is in development by House House, creators of Push Me Pull You, a weird 2v2 “sports” game on PS4.

In the pre-alpha footage released today, it appears you carry out all the staples of stealth games like Metal Gear Solid but solely in pursuit of tormenting a groundskeeper. Honk at him and steal his trowel. Hide his flatcap somewhere. Be a horrible goose.

Since there’s not even an official name for the game yet, and the nebulous 2018 release window, this is probably pretty far away from coming out. But if you want to be a feathery dick to people then look out for more news on the goose game soon.


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