Atom revealed as next hero joining the fight in Injustice 2

Up and at them.

The roster of DC superheroes in Injustice 2 continues to grow, much like its latest addition, Atom.

The size-shifting hero is the latest tease from Netherrealm Studios with a trailer showing off how he uses his ability to shrink to nano-particle sizes or grow big enough to punch dudes into the floor. He's not Ant-Man. That's the other guys.

This particular version of Atom is physics prodigy Ryan Choi, who took up the mantle when his mentor Ray Palmer – the original Atom – mysteriously disappeared.

Now he has the shrinking technology of the quantum bio-belt so he’s going to use it to wage war against the justice league or whoever you end up against in 2P.

Check out his move set below:


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