How to Play Online with the Nintendo Switch

Take advantage of your new Nintendo Switch by learning how to play online with your friends.

One of the first games on the Nintendo Switch that allows people to play online is Super Bomberman R, and this has raised a lot of questions from players especially following the announcement of Nintendo’s upcoming paid online subscription service. Lucky for us, that service won’t be active until Fall 2017 so we can sit back, and enjoy the benefits of playing online with our friends for free a little while longer.

In order to gain access to online features, you’ll have to log in or create a Nintendo account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll gain access to features such as news, special offers, the Nintendo Eshop, posting to social media, and playing online.

Once you’ve done that, getting started is as simple as starting up the game and heading straight to multiplayer. Multiplayer comes in local or purely online format. In Super Bomberman R, you can play with up to 8 other players locally or 4 in an online battle. We assume this might be similar to other Nintendo Switch titles that are coming out with multiplayer functionality.

The same can be said with quality control of the online game sessions. In the options of the game (rather than in the Nintendo Switch system settings) you can control the integrity of your online experience by limiting what kind of connections you want to play with.

As for In-game chat, it’s a feature that isn’t available yet but is expected to launch in the form of a mobile phone app in Summer 2017.

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