Shovel Knight Amiibo Offers Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Learn how to get the Fairy of Shovelry on the Nintendo Switch.

Among the limited release date lineup for the Nintendo Switch, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Specter of Torment have become widely heralded as must-have “Nindies.” In addition to the limited exclusivity of Treasure Trove and Specter of Torment, there’s an in-game item you can only get on the Switch.

If you currently own the adorable Shovel Knight Amiibo, you’ll find it offers an exclusive new goodie on the Nintendo Switch. Using the Amiibo, you can actually carry over your custom character and its levels from other versions of Shovel Knight. Additionally, using the Shovel Knight Amiibo gives you an interesting option when conversing with Madame Meeber.

By locating her in the Village, Tower of Fate, or Potionarium, you can summon the Fairy of Shovelry. Similar to Link’s iconic pal Navi in Legend of Zelda, the Fairy of Shovelry is a miniature flying version of Shovel Knight who accompanies you across any of the game’s three main campaigns. There’s no bonus for equipping the Fairy of Shovelry, though, as it’s purpose is purely cosmetic.

At the moment, the coolest aspect of the Fairy of Shovelry is that it’s limited to the Nintendo Switch. Following the release of the Treasure Trove update in April for the Wii U and 3DS, you’ll be able to summon the Fairy of Shovelry on both respective platforms. Until then, be sure to grab a Shovel Knight Amiibo if you don’t already own one!

The Shovel Knight Amiibo isn’t the only previously released Amiibo to offer Switch-exclusives. By using Legend of Zelda Amiibos, you can unlock in-game bonuses including Link’s beloved horse Epona in the highly praised launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

After adding a Shovel Knight Amiibo to your collection, be sure to grab the Shovel Knight soundtrack on vinyl. For more on the Nintendo Switch, check out the 5 fixes we'd love to see on the Nintendo Switch, and learn how you can capture gameplay on the Nintendo Switch.

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