Squad Unveils First Kerbal Space Program DLC

The upcoming DLC includes new parts and the ability to create custom space missions.

While Kerbal Space Program may have flung itself far out of the weighted realms of Early Access, Squad isn’t quite done adding to the game. In fact, they recently revealed the first paid DLC expansion for Kerbal Space Program entitled “Making History.”

One of the most notable features in the Making History DLC is the ability to create your own space missions. According to Squad, the process of creating missions in Kerbal Space Program is as easy as dragging and dropping within the requisite interface. In fact, you can even make things a little more interesting by introducing quirky limitations and unforeseen events.

Of course, the Making History DLC is more than a nifty added functionality, as it also introduces parachutes used when bailing in atmospheric flight, a competitive scoring mode, and new parts to collect. While no release date has been set for the Making History DLC, Squad did note that this will be Kerbal Space Program’s first paid DLC, though no price was mentioned either.

Fortunately, the Making History DLC is entirely optional, as you can enjoy all that Kerbal Space Program has to offer whether you decide to grab the DLC or not.

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