How To Update Oxygen Not Included

Learn how to update your game and try out the new thermal upgrade.

A recent update in Oxygen Not Included has players wondering how to opt into testing the Thermal Upgrade. Klei Entertainment recently put up a blog post detailing the requirements and what to expect if you decide to participate. Essentially, the preview branch they’ve released will be a very early and unstable build of an upcoming update called the Thermal Upgrade.

The Thermal Upgrade will contain bug fixes as well as a whole slew of new content. We know. We’re just as excited as you are!

Before you try out the process listed below it's important to note that this update is only available to those who have purchased Oxygen Not Included, and present save files will not be usable in this build.

If all of the above checks out for you, you can now properly carry on with the steps to upgrading to the preview branch.

How To Update Oxygen Not Included

Step 1: Close all instances of the game

Step 2: Access your Steam library and highlight Oxygen Not Included

Step 3: Right click and select properties.

Step 4: Navigate to BETAS, open the first dropdown, and select the thermal_upgrade option.

Step 5: Navigate to LOCAL FILES and select VERIFY INTEGRITY option.

Once you’ve finished these 5 simple steps, it should begin to update. The next time you launch and play the game you should see some new features. Hopefully, this guide on how to update Oxygen Not Included worked for you.

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