Mass Effect: Andromeda - Exile or Release the Murderer?

What happens if you exile or release the murderer, Nilken, in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

This guide will show you what happens when you choose to exile or release Nilken, the alleged murderer in Mass Effect: Andromeda. A lot of the choices in Mass Effect lead to different outcomes, such as whether you want to kill or save the AI on Voeld. Thankfully, some decisions are easier to make—like what characters you can romance.

When you first reach the Nexus and do some exploring, you’ll come across a mission called, First Murderer. This quest involves you gathering evidence for a Turian, Nilken, who is locked up, charged with killing another colonist. It’s up to you to track down the evidence and make the final decision on whether you should exile or release Nilken, the alleged First Murderer in Andromeda.

What Happens if You Release the Murderer, Nilken

If you choose to release the murderer, Nilken, he’ll still be punished, albeit lightly – you’ll still see him around the Nexus. You can speak with Nilken’s wife, Mariette, where you can choose to inform her of what Nilken was up to. Later, you can find Nilken near the Cryobay, upset about the events that took place as it resulted in his wife leaving him. He’ll want to be placed back in stasis, but there’s nothing you can do.

What Happens if You Exile the Murderer, Nilken

If you choose to exile the murderer, Nilken, he will be sent into exile on the planet Kadara. Once you’ve made your decision to exile Nilken, you can speak with Kandros to get his take on events. The next time you visit Kadara, you can come across Nilken where he is trying to get his life back together.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to exile or release the murderer in Mass Effect: Andromeda is up to you. Either way, Nilken will carry on living his life, having to deal with the choices he’s made, either in exile on a planet or sleeping in stasis. If you read this guide, you should now know what happens if you exile or release the murderer, Nilken, in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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