Gas Mask Purpose in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

We've all seen the gas masks in Battlegrounds but what do they do?

Gas masks are an accessory in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that have left many players wondering what their sole purpose is. From finding them in Pioneer crates to discovering them inside abandoned houses during adventures in-game, this elusive item has yet to reveal the benefits it has for the person who wears it.

At this point in time, gas masks are a purely cosmetic item in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Despite this, players have been speculating what the future may hold for it. Some have stated that the addition of gas bombs and other types of toxic gas could give this item a great purpose within the game. But if this were to happen, the gas mask would no longer be an item you could get in crates.

The game so far has 2 types of gas masks: a full faced one and a half faced one. You can typically find these when you buy Pioneer crates or you can purchase them in the Steam Community Market, similar to that of the PlayerUnknown trench coat skin. This is an item that seems to be increasing in popularity but is still relatively cheap to acquire. It’s also a pretty cool accessory to wear and might help you camouflage in dark places.

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