Battlefield 1 Player Massacres an Entire Enemy Squad with a Pistol

They also fend off a few incoming bayonet charges for good measure.

Amid the chaotic large-scale conflicts of the Battlefield series, there stand a valiant few who know exactly what to do when they find themselves in the right place at the right time. Below is one such player, who managed to eliminate an entire squad of enemy players in mere seconds using nothing but a revolver.

I’m honestly not sure which part of the below gif impresses me the most. The fact that Redditor Threepugs took down five enemy players without any support, using nothing but their revolver and a few well-timed melee attacks, is certainly a contender. However, the fact that two of those five kills were earned against players who were about to bayonet-stab them shouldn’t be discounted either.

I personally didn’t know it was possible to interrupt an incoming bayonet charge, though as Threepugs explains in the comments section of their original Reddit thread, the window of opportunity for doing so is pretty small, making the fact that they pulled off two in quick order even more impressive.

For more crazy Battlefield 1 plays, be sure to check out our previous look at one Tanker player who managed to score eight kills in 15 seconds.



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