Nintendo giving Miiverse a proper sendoff


The sudden announcement that Miiverse is getting the boot on November 7 is now being followed up with plans to see the social network off in style.

Nintendo has opened one last community on the weird message-sharing hub for 3DS and Wii U, called Everybody’s Message, letting you post your fondest memories of the Miiverse.

You can use it to draw yet more frankly disturbing fanart or write out-of-context and faintly sad diary entries for others to stumble on, like environmental storytelling in a Bethesda RPG.

“Share your memories and thoughts about Miiverse and its users by posting hand-drawn messages,” says the community description. “Selected posts from this community may be used to create a giant collage that will be shared at a later date.”
Be a part of the patchwork history of the world’s strangest social network, while you still can.


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